Day 5 from Bitte Schon To Ďakujem Cycling the Danube

Day 5 from Bitte Schon To Ďakujem Cycling the Danube

Today was to be an exciting day as we leave Austria via Vienna and enter Slovakia via Bratislava.

The weather gods once again being kind to us with a predicted 30 degrees although once we had packed our very wet tent up it was a little chilly.

The scenery started off beautiful with the Danube dressed both sides in beautiful Spring like flowers butterfly’s dancing before the sun became too harsh.

It seems like the Danube is permanently in bloom!

We made our way to a Kaffe stop run by two young Austrian Gents, they were fleet friendly so we asked them about Austria and credit cards, they pointed out that most places took Banko Mart cards (debit cards) but not credit cards.

We never found one single place in Austria that took any kind of card whatsoever we were down to out last 22 Euros.  Be warned they do not take any cards.

The Danube had actually started to live up to its name and become blue.

We actually managed to cycle straight passed Vienna so we had to double back and cross a very funky bridge (totally worth it) but cycling in Vienna itself was a very dangerous thing indeed so we did not spend too long here the signage was crap and the historic section illusion so we got out of dodge pretty quickly and made our way to our 3rd country of the trip.

The route itself had become a little boring and the surfaces a little rough we even had some gravel to contend with, I expect this is the way it’s going to be as we get towards Hungary.

We also went through some pretty industrial landscapes which reflect the working nature of the river.

Excitement mounted as we left Austria and could clearly see Bratislava in the distance some 8k away.

No border controls but yet again a new set of rules gambling being the thing.

I was looking forward to seeing Bratislava again as I had been here 10 years ago on a booze weekend I cannot believe how much it’s changed very cosmopolitan and relaxed vibe about it.

We had coffee and cake for 7 euro which is already 4 euros cheaper than we had experienced on the trip. Oh and by the way the took a credit card…..

We got to get into Bratislava via the Novy Most bridge (UFO bridge) which is one of my favourite building ever having been built in a unique futuristic style during the Soviet Era in 1868 as a show of power and technology it was the first ever asymmetrical cable bridge people died during the construction they at least leave a pleasing legacy.

More about the bridge later.

Once we hit Bratislava we hit booking . Com and booked a hotel room, on  a boat, a Boatel well why not we deserve it. After Borat checked us in wash scrub, and go visit.