Day 6 Bratislava to Komarom – Cycling the Danube

One of the fundamental reasons for joining the Eu is access to Eu loans at very good bank rates on very good repayment terms, this is a massive benefit if the money is invested wisely         ( not so good if you just increase public sector wages and lower retirement age to 40 as in Greece).

On first glance it looks like Slovakia have invested wisely at least here in Bratislava, we shall see whether that has trickled down as we move through the countryside.

We did see an old man of 80 – 90 years old begging he must have seen Slovakia before the war, during the war, he saw communist rule and liberation. How has this poor old Guy fallen through the cracks I wonder?

When you ride the Danube you can develop a condition called bank envy, this is where the other bank always looks better than the bank you are actually on.

Not much chance of that today as for some odd reason the Eurovelo6 does not stick to the bank at all instead taking you through rural Hungary with its terrible roads any traffic.

Even at a couple of points the road disappears and you are left off tossing for miles and miles on tracks that you would vault at on a mountain bike, now that’s not funny on fully loaded mountain bikes.

There has to be safer smarter way to do this perhaps crossing into Slovakia and taking some minor roads? There really was little of interest on the Hungary side at all and is clear that in Hungary the car is king and all that counts. Cyclists you are not welcome here.

In many places the signage was non existent or written in crayon by the local kids.

I expected some degradation in quality of road surfaces but really this route puts cyclists in harms way. AVOID at all costs.

Really dangerous section of eurovelo6 between Bratislava and Koromo
This was a good bit

Still we are a day ahead of schedule and have just 75 miles to go, so hoping that Hungary improves tomorrow and perks us up.

Alternative route on the north bank in Slovakia,17.7326202/terrain