2018 Trips

2018 Trips Planning

Paul Webb StMalo to Alicante trip
StMalo to Alicante trip

What a year its been with some epic rides massive highs and lows but mainly highs, but these trips did not happen by accident an element of planning was required .

Paul Webb Keeoing the old Man out Alicante to Santander
Alicante to Santander

We have really enjoyed our cycling this year and want to plan some more touring.

Paul and Wendy Cycling the Danube
Paul and Wendy Cycling the Danube

So its time to start thinking about next years adventures.  We have a Thorn Tandem arriving soon also which adds a bit of variety to the plan (a blog on this coming soon).

On the menu so far:

1) Solo Tour of Morrocco (March – April)

2) Touring weekend on the Tandem (possibly the Dave Chapman Memorial Audax in Wales)( May bank Holiday)

Dave Chapman Memorial ride the Welsh Coast to Coast
Dave Chapman Memorial ride the Welsh Coast to Coast



3) Tour of Iceland (it looks too expensive at the moment) (July – August)

4) Two week European tour Fly out to a City and take 2 weeks to ride home (July – August).

5) 100th Anniversary Great War Remembrance ride 2018 (November)

6) Trip to Mums in Alicante (TBC)

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