Transition to Winter

Transition to winter
Transition to winter

Its here and it’s on time, we are transitioning into Winter.

Talk turns from carbon to steel, racing tyres to mudguards……

Winter roads Kilmeston
Winter roads Kilmeston

Whilst Winter arrives there is still racing on and it seems like it never ends, a good opportunity to scoop up those last points to go up a category.

The clubman has now turned his attention to getting the Winter bike prepared with new tyres and mudguards. The age old debate of whether they should be fitted at all is over.

Winter clothing
Winter gear

The club rides begin to have a more relaxed feel about them and for some strange reason Audax becomes more popular.

There will be Talk of highs, lows and plans for next season.

Hot debate on what was the best Grand Tour or the best Classic, who was the best rider?

New training plans will be talked about and power numbers compared and shared.

Ancient and new Winter clothing will be on display together enforcing the belief of no such thing as bad weather just poor clothing choices.

Be sure though the cycling will continue.