What’s the opposite to depression?

Black Dog
Black Dog

What is the opposite of depression and can you catch it?

The opposite of is depression is Mania an unreasonable amount of euphoria , activity , frenzy and lunacy.

So its a mental illness just like depression so we don’t want to catch that either.

But how come we can’t stay in that really good mood state that you sometimes (hopefully) catch yourself experiencing.

That kind of mood where you find yourself singing along to a tune or tapping your toes and nodding your head?

The mind just like the rest of the human body is a very clever bit of kit, it’s constantly on the look  out for danger in an effort to protect you from any threats, part of the fight or flight response is to make you anxious to have your state of awareness heightened to be able to repel ascertain any risks and prepare you for action.

The sad fact is the more you spend in this state the more your clever body thinks you are at risk the more heightened and anxious it becomes.

So what we learn is that your brain is learning and leading you down the anxious path which means that we can teach it new ways of behaving and that’s where positive thinking comes in.

Not wanting to make light of of it as personal experience tells me it’s not that simple however here are a few methods that work for me.

* Find out what you love doing and do more of it

* Find out what you loathe doing and do less of it

* Find some time to be in the moment, mindful of all the great things and people you are surrounded by

* Be here now, be in the moment

* Don’t be judgemental being judgemental means you carry opinions around with you and they can be heavy, let it slide a bit

* Celebrate diversity and differences, just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s bad it’s just different

* Do something for somebody else and expect nothing in return, it’s very cathartic to help
*Accept that a life will contain problems, imagine how boring it would be without them

* Love people after all what would be the world be without them? Just a rock
That’s not mania or euphoria but perhaps something in-between