Stitched up at Bikeology

We had decided that it was time we went to see the much vaunted Ned Boultings Bikeology Tour at our local Theatre Fernham Hall.

One  part of the very entertaining show is where they do a version of “Mastermind” where some unsuspecting mug is asked as many bike related questions in 2 minutes.

I was expecting a nice evening,  what i wasn’t expecting was to be stitched up by Alan (AKA Bastard Thew) and to be nominated to sit in the Mastermind chair.

To be fair i was given the chance to say no …. but once the question has been asked?

The show begins with Ned Boulting riding into the  Theatre on his much loved Brompton to applause.  He rattles through the show at breakneck speed entertaining with his well thought out anecdotes of his time at the Tour de France.

Humiliating himself in his self deprecating way about the time he referred to the Yellow Jersey as the Yellow Jumper whilst interviewing the legendary scoundrel and all round bad guy Lance Armstrong.

So now it was time for Mastermind i was called to the stage my heart trying to get out of my chest (140bpm according to the garmin gods).  I made my way down to the stage desperately hoping not to trip arse over tit on the way.

Once on the stage i was much more calm, mainly because you can only really see the front row from there. Ned gave a brief biog about me and started the clock then rattled through the questions:

The first 3 questions threw me as they were so simple i was over thinking them looking for a trap. Once i relaxed i started rattling through them but getting some embarrassingly simple questions wrong, to my shame i could not spell Merckx well not in front of a large crowd of strangers i couldnt!