As I fly into Marakesh for my next big solo cycling adventure it’s hard to believe that the route I have chosen was planned deliberately by myself.

In the planning phase I quickly realised that Morocco is too big to do everything in one trip of 10 Days. You either do the Haut Atlas and the Dunes or you do the Dunes and the beautiful coasts.

I Chose to do the Atlas and drop down into the desert roads and make my way to Millia and the ferry.

As always my head space is the issue, starting out with a few butterflies and sleepless nights and gradually building up to where I am now feeling sick the odd dry heave and hypersensitive to every risk and dreading the Mountains.

This making a truism out of what I and anybody close to me will already know.

My biggest Mountain to climb will be my mind.

Although to be fair there are some beasts out there ahead of me as well