Morocco the start

Arrival at Marakesh airport was exciting but not without incident the flight arrived on time and customs was easy and timely.

I must have of cut a lonely figure as I sat by the baggage claim waiting for my bike to arrive.

It didn’t , nor did 1 complete set of family luggage and partial pieces missing of another.

So off we trek to lost luggage. I asked the guy about oversize luggage and he pointed to a spot where my bike should have of been.

After waiting patiently an hour while others filled the claims forms out it was my turn. It must have of been the thought of filling yet another form out that he decided that he would get somebody to check airside. This took another 30 minutes as it involved a customs officer.

I peaked through the flaps and there it was in all its glory “Arti” my bike.

I have to say I hugged the customs officer which saw him reach for his side arm not the first time I have had this reaction.

After changing my cash for a huge amount of money (bank teller insisted that I put half on a prepaid card which comes back to haunt me later) I made my way through security again and out into the brilliant sunshine.

This was the last I was to see of the sunshine.

Finding a discreet corner I began to assemble the bike, by now of course attracted quite a crowd who were firing questions of at me in many languages that I don’t speak.

Bike built panniers on I had to find somewhere to dump my box and suitcase (sadly bins few and far between).

I am following a route into Marakesh its very hectic but the Garmin is doing well, overtaken by a donkey which is demoralising to say the least.

What an assault on the senses I saw my camel in .75K which answers most of my friends questions. As soon as I reach the back streets I gain a “friend” who for the sum of 40p got in my way.

Once at my Riad I found that they would not let the bike in and thy wanted me to park it elsewhere. After an argument eventually they let me in and my Morocco adventure begins.