Beucoup Neige

As I made my way out of Marakesh Médina towards the start of my route (more walking than riding I can tell you) I was really looking forward to hitting the road.

The traffic was gradually petering out until it was just mental rather than suicidally mental.

The roads were in good condition and the drivers courteous where the road allowed.

I had planned 100K which gets me just in to the hurty stuff the weather not to hot not too cold.

Gradually the population petered our also and I began to grasp the attention of the locals who were on the whole polite.

As I sat Eating the first meal with my fingers I instantly regret scratching my arse earlier that day.

The communities and the shops were very rural indeed by now with all manner of animal being tortured and hung up for purchasing later.

After a pleasant 100k I start to look for a hotel that didn’t exist and finally reach another that was a hotel and had rooms but seemingly no keys to the rooms.

I was informed that there would be rooms at the Cascades des Ouzard which was the destination of my second day and a further 60K, or I could go back up the freaking big climb I had just descended 30k. Well what would you do?

I must have been still looked no strong as the locals continued to try to sell me carpets.

As the light began to fail and the storm that had been threatening me for most of the day broke I realised I had bit off a bit more than I could chew.

After some more climbing I started huge descent into Ouzard it flattened out and the town looked empty.

A dog broke out from the right and was proper angry chasing me quite a way and getting alongside me, I swerved into oncoming traffic and the dog eventually fucked off.

As my heart began to drop to a rate of less than a humming bird I saw a man sitting at the side of the road not just any man but a “Hotelier” a god a person to treasured and indeed hugged.

Ascertaining that there was a room coffee was procured.

A meal was ordered and as I sat in my room I hear the squawking of a chicken Instantly I regret my choice of poulet tagine.

Once I had eaten I shared my route with the God and he sucked air over his teeth and said Beacoup Neige and informed me that there would be no accommodation for 300K until May!

He proposed a deferent route to FES which he stated was very nice and hotels could be found in the big towns.

My next question was where the nearest cash machine was? Once again he laughed and shook his head 50K to the side or 40k back.

The money on my prepaid card was NOT the best bit of local advice I have been given.

I had a little cash and had planned to use credit cards “this is Africa you dick