Tackling Morocco’s roads

What are the drivers and roads like in Morocco?

The National Sport in Morocco is overtaking, they are never happier than when overtaking they are even happier when overtaking someone that is already overtaking.

As a General rule drivers will beep prior to overtaking this can mean:
1 )Hey mr cyclist I am overtaking
2)Hey mr cyclist I am overtaking real fast and there is not enough room for my manoeuvre-so fuck off onto the hard shoulder
3)Hey mr Cyclist I am coming through and there is no hard shoulder so fuck off.

They will beep you to let you know they are going to cut you up however If the road is clear they will be courteous and give you space and perhaps a friendly little beep.

Zebra crossings are a game of chicken nobody knows the rules even Moroccans.

Taxi drivers, everywhere is a pick up point especially that 1 metre in front of you, yeah that 1 metre is there’s by right there will be no use of mirrors or indicators.

Zombies or otherwise known as pedestrians will walk in the road even if there is a path and the path is empty, they will walk out without looking at anytime for any reason.

Moped riders behave they same as cars they trump you in the road stakes and let you know, they are also allowed to use Cycle lanes and will swerve and stop for no good reason at all.

The roads themselves are very good ( better than uk) unless there is no road. When they re tarmac a road they will rip up miles of it and leave it as craters this happens quite often.

Whilst I exaggerate the responsibility is with you to be aware at all times and as a general rule the drivers are attentive and courteous.