Frame Pack Apidura small

Frame Pack and Contents

Packers no the Apidura small frame pack
Packers no the Apidura small frame pack


Spare inner tube


Disc pads and spring

Spare cable

Assorted cable ties

Apidura Accessory Pack

Contents of the Apidura Accessory pack

Contents of Apidura Accessory pack
Contents of Apidura Accessory pack

Power pack


Driving licence






DZ Nuts antiseptic Cham cream

Europe USB adapter

iphone cable

garmin cable

Exposure Light cable

Exposure rear light cable

Apidura Accessory Pack
Apidura Accessory Pack

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RavPower 22000m AH Power Bank

Gerry saved my life this day we rode Liege Bastogne Liege in sideways freezing rain, he let me wear his Rapha rain jacket over my Rapha Rain Jacket just after this we had the worlds best coffee and cake – thanks Royal

RavPower 22000 Mah Power Bank

Xmas has been kind to me this year, further fueling (see what i did there) my headlong plunge into the adventure cycling pool, I can only take it that people are going to be glad to see the back of me.

  • Rav Power 22000 Power Bank
    RavPower Power 22000 Power Bank (it weighs more than me) it has 3 separate smart charging points and boasts 6 full iPhone charges

Much of my research has indicated that to be without your gadgets is tantamount to being unable to breathe, what’s the point of becoming no on an adventure if you can’t show the world eh? Couples with needing to keep my lights and camera charge this was in the essential list

I suspect my willingness to  share will be in direct correlation it’s success 🙂

i have purchased the above power bank  and the first thing to note is that it weighs a ton, however the reviews are blinding, it has 3 smart charging points and blags a 6 full iPhone charge

All the bits that come with it quality bit of kit

Now I have already blogged about the iphones reluctance to charge from an intermittent charge so research  Tells me to charge the power bank of off my Dynamo and to run the iPhone from the power bank “Simples”

Nice little bag

So I will place the power bank in the Apidura Accessory pack and run the world from there.

Tucked into this nice little case (thanks TBT)

Alpkit Pipedream 400

Alpkit Pipedream 400

One of the most important purchasing decisions any budding adventurist can make is the sleeping bag.

After much research I have purchased the Alpkit Pipedream 400 3 season

Alpkit Pipedream 400
Alpkit Pipedream 400 packs up super small

The main reason for the purchase of this model is the -6 sleeping rating this is the temperature that most people will find sleeping comfortable. Big thanks to Mum & John, Wendys Mum & Dad and Wendy for getting me this for Xmas.

I suffer with the cold something terrible so I have gone for this product.

The side view

The main thrust of any debate on sleeping bags is whether you go for down or synthetic fillings, the weight and cold extremes, how many seasons with a smidge of waterproofing snuck in.

Alpkit Pipedream 400
A nice head hugging hood

The problem with Down over synthetic is that the down clumps when it gets wet and takes longer to dry, down offers more warmth than synthetic.

Pipedream 400 weighs in at a tiny 400g and compresses down super small which enables me to fit it in the Apidura Handlebar bag along with my pyjamas.

the Pipedream 400 also offers a little waterproofing which is handy.

Mummy – you can buy left or right zips if you wanna join them together and get a bit fruity

As soon as you unwrap the bag you can see that it’s super quality and really well made,it should be for a stonking £200

Who is that there …. very cosy with my jelly babies supply

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My Adventure Bike Wish List

    Teguise in Lanzarote – Cyclists Paradise smooth roads, respectful drivers & Volcano’s

Once i had made my mind up conclusively that i wanted this madness, well nearly conclusively, well  not conclusively at all really and as the time of my first Expedition gets closer even less conclusively

I started researching and creating a list of kit that would be required for a cycling adventure.

Research carried out on really useful websites (see blog roll) and reading real world  blogs.

This is not an insignificant amount of kit required, i may use this as an excuse not to do it.

An asterix ** denotes that i have this already or have since made the purchase

The Expedition Kit Wish List

Touring Bike
(on Transcontinental i would maybe use lighter bike)


Steel Frame and Forks *

Dynamo Front wheel (son 128) *           £340

Tout Terrain the plug 111 USB  *           £120

Full mudguards (bluemel) *

Dynamo lights (No decided against)

Rack Tarbus rear *

Disc brakes * SRAM Cable

Steel frame & Forks *

Schwalbe marathon plus 32 *

£2000 total for bike

Tri bars  * (Decided against)

Gold secure lock & wire (Pit bull) or hip lock * £25

Maybe brooks Saddle  B17 Narrow           , Decided against it then decided for it, fantastic really comfortable and looks great

Minoura Space Mount SGS 400 Short Extension  * £17 (excellent bit of kit)


eTrex touch 35 * £200

Iphone ( & Ride with GPS) *    £0

Quad lock out Front (for Iphone) *        £28.00


Exposure Strada 1200 light   *                   £200

Exposure Flare £50 *                                   £40

light back ups Leyzene  *


Leather man “Wingman”

Multitool *


Tubes * 3 *

Tyre patch *

Spare tyre (*)

Frame Pump *

Tech & Gadgets

Iphone & Cable *

Spare phone

Garmin  Etrix ( battery powered) & Cables

Camera *

Head torch *


Power Pack (to charge from my dynamo) * £20

Plug adaptor  *


Instagram *                                                    £0 – offline mapping *                     £0

Ride with gps – turn by turn kml files *  £0

Audio books *                                               £0

I Tunes update *                                          £0

Blog app WordPress *                                 £0

Bags & Racks

Tubus carrier stretch belt £10

Tubus Bungy Straps

Rack Pack Ortlieb * £50

Ortlieb 40L Panniers * £60 (ebay bargain)

Apidura bags

Dry sack rear *                                             £90

Dry sack front *                                            £75

Dry accessories Pack *                                 £50

Dry Top tube *                                              £30

Frame pack *                                                £50

Osprey Dry sack 20L £14 *

Osprey Dry sack 12L * 2  £16


MSR Hubba Bubba NX 2                             £300

Alpkit PipeDream 400 sleeping bag          £200 *

Mattress-  * £25  Thermarest Z Lite Sol

Sleeping bag liner

Bivvy bag (maybe Later)

Quick dry towel *

Tent foot print

Cycling Clothing (cold)

Proviz Reflect 360 Gilet (for Night Riding) * £40

Rapha Hardsshell *


Sealskinz overshoes *

Sealskinz Socks *

Old Fashioned Cape *

Buff *

Hat *

Armwarmers *

Leg warmers *

3 shorts *

2 base layers Merino winter

Gloves deep winter *

Gloves medium *

Flip flops *

Balaclava *

Overshoes *

Velotoze *

Touring Mountain Bike style shoes *

Casual Clothing

Light joggers

T shirt


North face jacket Packable  *
Nutrition & Health

Cinelli Wet Wipes (my bath)

Zeros *

Glucose tabs



Insect repellent



Wet wipes

Washing liquid



Avon skin so soft (insect repellent)