Routing Websites

On planning my trips I have used routing websites.

Ride with Gps in particular is meant for cyclists.

I have had a very mixed bag with this site, the problem being when it goes wrong it goes wrong big time and usually completely fucks you up as it did below.

Ride with GPS is shite

The fuck ups can be roads just ending, cycle paths that are not cycle paths, it can lead you on to roads that are akin to motorways.

However occasionally just occasionally it takes you to beautiful places.





On beautiful roads, you have treat these like a puppy that you know can bite, play nicely but remember it can and will bite you soon enough

Know when to hold em, know when to fold em

Know when to hold em, know when to fold em

Be realistic when you are beat. There will be other rides

have a back up plan remember loved ones are worried about you.





What distance

The generally accepted rule is that 100k a day is what you should reasonably plan in for a fully loaded touring bike.

So at the planning for phase this is what you should factor in anything extra should be the exception not the rule.

This will also depend on other factors such as surface and terrain, I am slowly learning that I am not superman and cannot plan in 200k days day after day and expect me body to pay without consequences.

Also I am learning that to plan a 100k and relax a bit more is much more enjoyable.

gotta stop being a dick head

Cycle Routes

When choosing a route it’s nice to pick a route that is relatively traffic free.

Voie Verte – fantastic in Brittany

Its also nice to pick a route that is completely traffic free in other words Cycle Paths.

However care needs to be taken if you need to make good progress as most cycle paths are not designed to take you anywhere quickly.

velodyssey was nice but quite disjointed and a little slow
velodyssey was nice but quite disjointed and a little slow

So if you are finding the going slow don’t take too long to decide this and re route.

For example the velodyssey was very disjointed with lots of sleeping policemen and  lack of signage, whereas the Voie Verte in Brittany was superb and quick.

Sadly in France if there was cycle path anywhere near a road the agrression shown by the motorists if you were not on it was palpable and dangerous.

It seems the proximity of a cycle path has a linear effect on the arseholishness of the French motorist. There you go a new word arseholishness.


You will find kindness in the most unexpected places and the most unexpected times


Dont get hung up on the weather, I am guessing that you have planned the date of the trip around the weather that suits you best, if you want Alaska in deep winter and thats what you want prepare for that.

Here is the weather forecast forever:

“It’s either going to be a little worse or a little better than today”

You can’t avoid it, you can’t ride round it, crack on with it.


Entitlement is a dangerous thing on a long ride.

You have no entitlement to your next breath let alone a dry day, a flat day, or a good nights sleep.

Letting go of entitlement will help you enjoy your ride, plan what you can and enjoy what happens next.

Is there anybody out there?

Arse Care

You will need to take care of your arse.

Antseptic wipes

Chamois cream (DZnuts it contains antiseptic) be sure to slap it on thick and all over arse

Arse care

Antiseptic wipe at end of ride.

Dont be afraid to repeat during ride especially if wet

Go Solo?

Riding solo in my judgement adds 50% more difficulty to a trip.

Nobody to share the fun with or to solve the problems or give support to each other.

50% more expensive also.

However don’t let this stop you from doing the trip, you soon get used to your own company make your own decisions and ride at your own pace.

After all technology can keep you in touch and support.

Touring Bike

Wherever you rest or lean your touring bike it will be in someone’s way.

Whenever you stand it against a wall or whatever it will roll away.

It will refuse to do what it’s told and when eventually gravity wins over it will take two people to pick it up!

Give in …. buy a bike stand

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