My cycling obsession how did it all start?

Well here I am at + 56 and still obsessed with my relationship with the bike.
Like all relationships it is as rewarding as it is challenging and in equal measure.

Lately i have been thinking about doing those big rides something i have always wanted to do. Super motivated by the crazy goings on of the Transcontinental CC .

With great encouragement and support from my super girlfriend Wendy I might just .

But hold on there trigger can i do it? And how do i get to the point where i can do it? 

That is what this blog is all about .


Whilst I literally never tire of riding the bike in any weather on any terrain it does also punish me and I can love it and hate it at the same time!

“So how did I get here?”

My Mother & Father divorced whilst I was very young and Dad  moved out to the sticks to village called Soberton which was some 9 miles from my home in Widley, so contact would be difficult that is until my Dad turned up with my very first racing bike!

How I loved that bike and the freedom it offered – first love is the best love

My very first ride being an adventure into the countryside to visit my Dad a round trip of 18 Miles amazing.

“You should always have something nice to look forward to at the weekend”
Quote my fabulous Mum

Encouraged by my Mum I rode to watch the track cycling at Alexandra Park in Portsmouth, I was mesmerised by the racing and made a good friend in Keith Jarrett together we joined the now sadly defunct Portsmouth CC and got heavily involved with racing and training.

“The deal with the Bike devil was done”

Making my way from the Track to the Road (as i was too slight for the track) i reluctantly left Portsmouth CC and became one of the founder members of the Southdown Velo formerly the VC Noviamagus based in Chichester.

Enjoying my time  Road Racing getting to a good (but not great) standard i finally succumbed to the “Birds & Beer” which resulted in a 10 year break of on and off riding and racing until my Family were all grown up.

A brief spell of Racing as a Vet and a few nasty crashes and injuries i find myself as a member of the I Team CC  founded by a old good friend of mine Guy Watson from the Portsmouth CC days, my competitive streak now confined to evening 10’s &  4 up TT’s and thrashing around Europe with my Team Mates and friends.

“But lately this is not enough i love riding my bike and i am looking for more…. can i Cycle  Tour and Wild Camp?”